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No Farmstand Saturday August 13 due to Severe Heat Warnings! See you next Week!

FARMSTAND / GIRARD & 27TH NW CORNER ::: SATURDAY AUGUST 20, 10AM! We open at 10am and plan to sell out by 1pm.

West Girard Community Council is pleased to announce our Farmstand’s thirteenth season. As a Farm to City affiliate, we offer fresh produce from the McCann Family Farm in South Jersey and Brewerytown Gardens here in Philly, as well as fresh locally-baked bread from Metropolitan Bakery close by in Fishtown.

Founded in 2004, we are an organization of volunteers who want to make a difference in our community through targeted projects. Each purchase you make helps us finance our Food Cupboard, which provides food to neighbors in need. Thank you for your support.

Buying a lot? We carry your bags to your car (if parked nearby) or to the 15 stop.

Eli and Kate at the Farmstand.

Alden and Martin (with Neighbor), at Farmstand 2012.

Neighbors with Nissa and Bob at Farmstand 2011.

WEST GIRARD FOOD CUPBOARD::: Wednesday, August 24, pending successful food delivery next week. New First-Time People come ONLY between 3:30pm and 4:00pm to Fairmount CDC, 2712 West Girard Ave... Bring with you

(1) photo id that shows your Philly address, (and a copy for our records ) (One of the requirements of this government program is that you be a Philly resident.) and

(2) social security card for yourself and each family member.(and a copy for our records).

Returning Clients come at regular appointment time.

The West Girard Food Cupboard is operated by West Girard Community Council in partnership with Fairmount Community Development Corp. and East Park Revitalization Alliance. The Food Cupboard distributes food to neighbhors in need, people who are either in between jobs, seniors who may be on low fixed incomes, or people who are working but still can't make ends meet. Most of the food we distribute is government-donated food that comes through SHARE Food Program which distributes to individual community organizations such as WGCC. We supplement the government-donated food with donations from the community as well as food that we purchase.

Ms. Chilcott and Ms. Bradley prepare for a food distribution.

The West Girard Food Cupboard is funded in part by a grant from the Alston Beech Foundation.

PHOTO GALLERY ::: Here are some pictures of our people and projects over the years.

Leroy and Ruth volunteering at the Food Cupboard; November, 2015.

At Kayuh Bicycles, Toy Drive 2014

Ruth gets the bags ready for neighbors' pickup at the Food Cupboard.

Toy Drive 2012. Mark starts the delivery of toy donations for distribution. Thanks to your donations.

At Floyd and Diann's Tire Service. Toy Drive 2012.

At Dasiwa Cafe, Toy Drive 2011

At Flying Saucer, Toy Drive 2011

At Plants Etc., Toy Drive 2011

At Mugshots Coffee House, Brewerytown, Toy Drive 2011

At Fairmount Framing, Toy Drive 2011

Meyer, Nissa, and Billy at Farmstand 2012. Our Farmstand is a Farm-to-City affiliate. We sell fresh produce from South Jersey and bread from Metropolitan Bakery in Fishtown.

WGCC participated with other neighborhood organizations in our community's first annual local version of "National Night Out". Bob and Derek were at WGCC's table, offering water at the half-way point of the march.

Tim and Rob at Best In Show Grooming Salon. Thanksgiving Food Drive 2010

Lauren and Adrienne. Toy Drive 2009.

Allison and Wayne. Farmstand 2009.

Bob and Rudy, Farmstand 2009. We remember our good Friend, Rudy Johnson, who was a driving force behind our Farmstand for many years.


We are grateful to our predecessor organization, the Girard Avenue Alliance, for their continued support as we work towards our common goals.

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We are an organization of volunteers who want to make a difference in our community through targated projects important to the community's health and well-being. Each dollar allows us to reach more families in need.

WGCC is a Public Charity as defined by Section 501c3 of the IRS code. Donations of all sizes are gratefully appreciated and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.